Informacion COVID-19

Informacion COVID-19

SEN, Informacion COVID-19


- Visual check: If you present symptoms, you should go to an emergency service. Visitors who present symptoms will not be allowed entry.

- Temperature: We will have infrared thermometers to carry out preventive temperature measurement.

- Alcohol Gel: We will have alcohol gel for residents and visitors at the entrance and exit of the establishment, ensuring its use.

- Distance: Administrators, residents and visitors must maintain a preventive distance of 1 meter between themselves at all times.

- Mask: We will require the mandatory use of masks for visitors. Residents must wear a mask when leaving the residence.

- Quick Test: If necessary, we will have quick tests for a value of $20,000 CLP


Security measures for all our residences:

- Frequent hand washing

- Avoid shaking hands

- Maintain social distance of one meter

- Avoid touching your face

- Sneeze with your forearm or a tissue

- Maintain ventilated environments

- Be alert to symptoms: fever above 37º, respiratory distress, muscle pain or headache

- In case of respiratory difficulty go to an emergency service