Who can rent a room with Santiago Exchange?

Chilean and foreign students


What requirements are required to rent a room?

Payment of one month's guarantee is required.


Can I vacate a room early at the end of the contract?

Yes, but you will not be able to recover the guarantee paid.


What services are included?

The rental price includes all the basic expenses of the house: water, electricity, piped gas for hot water and cooking, Wi-Fi internet and cleaning service for common areas twice a week. Spaces such as the kitchen, living room and garden are for shared use. An administrator lives in all our properties, who is in charge of the residence to help you resolve any problems and manage a good stay.


How can I reserve a room and pay my monthly payments?

You can reserve a room directly on our website or by making a deposit/transfer to the Santiago Exchange checking account. You can request the data by email


What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is semiannual. In any case, if we have spaces available, we can make the period more flexible according to your needs.


Are couples accepted?

Some properties have large rooms with double beds. Those rooms do allow them to be used by couples. You must consider an extra $100,000 per month to the normal values ​​of a single room.


Do you have parking for a car or motorcycle?

Some properties have parking. You have to consider an extra $50,000 per month to the normal values ​​of a room.